About Vignette



Vignette is a native Angeleno. She spent her early childhood pounding the streets of Chinatown at her grandmother’s side haggling for live chickens, fresh fish, and dried medicinal herbs for soup. Yet it wasn’t until she was knee deep studying public health in Louisiana, that she discovered acupuncture. Longing for a medicine to address the spiritual and emotional ailments that accompany physical disease, Vignette was introduced to a local community acupuncturist. It inspired her to return home where she pursued a degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from Emperor’s college.

Upon graduating, she was recruited as the first acupuncturist at Athena Medical Group in Monterey, Ca. There she worked alongside western medical practitioners, cultivating a strong foundation in pain management and women’s health treatments. She is now back in LA, using what a lifetime of caretaking under her grandmother’s wing, and her degree taught her.